Meet The Team



        Philip Tabor, CoFounder RadbaR, Marketing Director


For the last ten years fitness and nutrition have been more of a battle and less of a journey for me. In 2005 I married the women of my dreams, Holly. Her love for fitness and healthy living has challenged me in many ways.  Over the first 6 years of our marriage I lost over 40lbs and fought my way to a healthier life.  In 2011 I became a father to a beautiful baby girl, Addison, and decided it was time to get my life moving faster down the path of fit for life.    My wife introduced me to Crossfit and Paleo/Zone eating.   While I am a long way from my goals, I am stronger and healthier today then any other time in my life.  This is where I met RadbaR.  As a busy father, husband and sales rep, I spend most my days on the go.  Eating Paleo and Zoning my meals becomes a challenge on most days.  Seeing there was not a product that would meet my needs, I put my thoughts together with two of my crossfit friends and we came up with the idea a balanced Paleo driven nutrition bar.   I have always had a passion to provide a product to folks just never knew how to do it. Currently, my time is spent with my family, being a part of a local church, working on RadBar and of course many hours at Crossfit Clayton.   



        Adam Read, CoFounder RadbaR, Director of Operations


More amazing adventures than I can count - that is how I choose to live my life. My wife Danielle and I started early traveling, experiencing and enjoying everything that life has to offer. 3 Amazing kids, Hannah, AJ and Isabella join us now in our travels and enjoyment. The past 13 years has moved quickly - living in Texas and Italy with the USAF (amazing!), then Maine, Baltimore, Maine, and Raleigh (in that order). Though challenging, this has shaped our lives through the awesome people that we have met and the good times we had. Our success as people has been defined by our surroundings - we choose to be surrounded by passionate people know...the kind that make the most of everyday. I also enjoy the career of sales - and the joy comes from fitting solutions to peoples needs. My wife and I started "CrossFitting" in August 2012 - where we were once again surrounded by awesome people. The idea of creating a company, surrounded by passionate people - enjoying the best fitness of thier lives...and solving the need to have a better nutrition bar for people on the go....Perfect!


Jared Butler, CoFounder RadbaR, Director of Product Development



Healthy living and athletics have been a mainstay in my life from the pee wee football player that choked down veggies to the CrossFit coach and competitive athlete I am today. Through my various physical endeavors I have found the variable that elevates one’s performance the most is a proper nutrition. As a biologist, the term “proper nutrition” goes beyond the colloquial suggestions of “low sugar”, “eat natural food” and “stay away from soda or pop” and is illuminated by a beautiful array of chemical interactions on a molecular scale that shape, energize and push our bodies to excel. Thus I discovered the effectiveness of Paleo and Zone balanced eating habits.

Through career experience in the nutrition and supplement market I have realized that the options for Paleo and Zone items are limited at best. Seeing the need to nutrition woes, two close CrossFitting friends and I set out to create Radbar,a convenient Paleo sourced, Zone balanced recovery solution formulated to optimize one’s human potential. With RadbaR in your hand there is only one thing left to do…chalk up and crush the WOD.

I keep busy training for the CrossFit Games and Mid-Atlantic Regionals, spending time with family and friends, working on RadbaR and specializing in being a science nerd.